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Understanding and Explaining the Law

Unfortunately, the bench, bar and those involved in the evaluation and analysis of claims view each on an ad hoc or “case by case” basis. That is to say that judges, lawyers and claims personnel give each case the “bathtub” treatment. The tub is filled with the applicable facts and law, the case concludes and, as with water escaping the drain, the tub empties. At Cassidy & Mueller P.C. we believe that while each case is different, a sufficient legal similarity exists in various classes of litigated matters to make a synthesis worthwhile for application to future cases. With that in mind we have a commitment to following substantive and procedural developments in the various fields in which we concentrate our practice. That philosophy has resulted in a series of published articles which have served us well as the “anvil” upon which we are able to promptly evaluate the claims against our clients and thereupon determine an effective dispositive “game plan”. These articles, published chapters and presentations follow in their entirety. We trust that you may also find them useful.

For introductory purposes they are identified by topic and title with a brief summary. It is our intention to update this website by identifying significant decisions as they are reported, with a cross-reference to the pertinent article or articles in which the subject is discussed in greater depth.

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