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Liability Insurance Coverage

First Party Claims Involving
Liability Loss Coverage
Property Damage Claims involving the definitions of “property damage” and “occurrence”, as well as exclusions for non-conforming “products” and/or “work”
Product Liability Pharmaceuticals
Policy Limit Demands, Excess Exposures, Duties Owed to Both Insureds and Excess and Concurrent Carriers

The firm also pioneered the integration of comparative fault principles in strict liability cases in Coney v. JLG Industries, 97 Ill. 2d 104 (1983). The result in that case led to the adoption of the Tort Reform Amendments of 1986, including Sections 2-1116 and 2-1117 of the Code of Civil Procedure. Cassidy & Mueller P.C. remains active in the forefront of product liability reform with its members having