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At Cassidy & Mueller P.C. we are lawyers first and always. All too often defense counsel are “facters” which is to say that they start with the facts and engage in lengthy and expensive discovery before assessing their significance. This approach is exemplified by time-consuming and costly exploration in meaningless and often counterproductive areas. Only after the last witness is deposed and the last document is evaluated is any effort made to make sense of the disparate pieces which have been gathered in the process. Pursuing litigation in this manner makes work for lawyers without producing meaningful results for the client.

Pounding facts against a pillow produces neither form nor meaningful substance. However, adhering to John E. Cassidy, Sr.’s metaphor, starting with the law as an anvil does two things: (1) it limits the facts to those which are probative of the desired outcome and (2) it permits those facts to be shaped to fit that result. At Cassidy & Mueller P.C. we pride ourselves in knowing the substantive law in our fields of concentration which thereby allows us to see where we need to go and what facts will get us there.

We well recognize that not all cases are winnable and therefore an early assessment and game plan often requires a “best result” objective. The process, using the law as an anvil, is the same. The key to a good outcome remains prompt evaluation and focused direction. In this regard we at Cassidy & Mueller P.C. emphasize that as your attorneys we have two overarching and equal commitments: (1) to use our knowledge, experience and skills as trial counsel to achieve the most favorable litigious result and (2) to give you our best judgment regarding the course to take in achieving that outcome. Candor is a firm hallmark. Therefore, if in our best judgment a favorable settlement, mediated by exposure, costs of defense, or both, is the best course that will be our recommendation. However, the decision is always yours.

Our firm motto is: “Nothing great is ever achieved without enthusiasm.” As our heritage dictates and our future promises, that enthusiasm toward the law, and in our representation of firm clients, is unrivaled and unabated.